What is the process of Campus placement for TCS?

TCS is one of the largest recruiters of India and the easiest way to secure a job at TCS is through campus placements. TCs visits many campuses across the country which include both Engineering as well as management colleges hiring for technical as well as non-technical roles. There are a number of applicants applying for various positions during the campus placements so the management works on the three-staged process to select the candidates who are

  1. Aptitude test
    • Email Writing
    • Quantitative Ability and Reasoning Ability
    • Programming Language Efficiency.
  2. Coding Test [For Technical roles]
  3. Personal Interview round
    • Technical Round Interview
    • Managerial Round
    • HR round
    After successful completion of all three rounds, a candidate is intimidated about his selection through email. The process followed by TCS ensures that they hire the best talent in the country. The process is exhaustive and is conducted over multiple days with the personal interviews happening on the same day.

Because you are simply competing against your peers, campus recruitment is one of the most straightforward ways to find work with TCS.

The campus recruitment process consists of the following four rounds:

  • E-mail writing: Instructions with a set of keywords are provided. There is a word limit along with a time limit for writing the same. The e-mail should consist only of the necessary details and should avoid any digressions.
  • Analytical reasoning - This portion assesses your numerical and thinking skills. The ability to manage your time is crucial. Prior to attempting the difficult questions, try to solve the easier ones first.
  • Programming language efficiency of the candidate - TCS has launched a new phase in which candidates must answer 10 multiple choice questions based on basic programming concepts in the C language.
  • Coding test - Candidates must solve one programming question in the C language in 20 minutes utilizing an inbuilt online compiler in this Command-Line Programming test.
  • Personal interview - There are three rounds in total: technical, managerial, and human resources. Depending on the employer’s decision, the management round may be eliminated.