What is the process of Campus placement for PwC?

That depends on the industry you’re applying for. As a new employee, you will almost certainly be required to pass an aptitude exam. The overall method entails the following:

Test of ability

  • Round one of the technical competition (It depends on the position for that you are being interviewed.)
  • The term “technical” refers to a person’s understanding of the domain’s fundamentals.
  • F2F HR round with such a senior management member of the practise for which you are being interviewed. (May or may not be present)

If you have a technical background, there are several roles to play in Mysql, SAP, Guidewire, or even some system-related jobs, but PWC does not employ freshers. So, if you’re applying for a position as an analyst or something connected to finance, they’ll simply look at your logic and reasoning abilities; you won’t have to work on any technical problems because you’re out of your sector.