What is the process of Campus placement for Morgan Stanley?

The recruitment process of Morgan Stanley consists of 6 rounds in all

• Round 1: Written Round
This round lasts roughly 1 hour 30 minutes and is divided into two sections: aptitude and technical. You will be asked questions about fundamental numerical skills, data interpretation, logical reasoning, and programming languages in the aptitude test. You will be required to answer questions from a variety of disciplines in the technical test, which may involve programming or course subjects.

• Round 2: Programming Round
The second stage is the coding phase, which consists primarily of data structures and algorithms-related problems. There could be four to five questions, and the session could go anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

• Round 3: Technical Rounds
These consist of face-to-face rounds with the interviewer, and in order to pass these rounds, one must have a thorough understanding of the facts listed in the CV. Data Structure, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Networking, Database Management, and other course-related areas should be well-understood.

• Round 4: Group Activity
The interviewees are separated into groups and given tasks such as creating a tale out of a photograph with a specific subject or constructing something out of LEGO blocks.

• Round 5: Technical Round
This round is a more sophisticated version of the first technical round, and it assesses the student’s understanding of algorithms, data structures, and technical subjects. This round consists of questions about system design. In addition, questions are asked about the projects and internships listed on the CV. The Database Management System must be meticulously detailed.

• Round 6: Technical-cum-HR Round
This round focuses on the HR questions rather than the technical ones. to mention a few
o Where do you see yourself in the next five years/ fifteen years/ twenty-five years?
o Questions about your family history.
o Weaknesses and Strengths
o Questions aforementioned in the CV.
o If you have any questions for us?