What is the process of Campus placement for KPMG?

KPMG is a large firm with many different areas of expertise. Your profile is determined by the type of research you have completed. A Bcom or Bcom Hons. graduate can work as an e grader in the audit department, and his future advancement will be determined by his talent and performance there. KPMG values skills and knowledge, so brush up on your fundamentals to get past the interview and be truthful. Because it is a Big 4 organization, competition for a position may be strong, but the work culture here is amazing, and that should be the driving force.

Make a few sample business cases. They can be found on the KPMG website.

Prepare responses to the following questions:
Q: Please tell me about yourself.
Q: What makes you want to work with KPMG?
Q: Why do you consult?
Q: Why not focus on core engineering? (If you are a B. Tech graduate)
Q: What’s your immediate and long-term objectives?

Take note of some firm specifics. For example, when it was started, who is the CEO, how much money it makes, recent honors, and so on.