What is the process of campus placement for Deloitte?

Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” accounting firms and the world’s largest professional services network in terms of revenue and staff.

Deloitte’s fresher selection process includes three to four rounds:

  • Online Round
  • Just a Minute (JAM) / Group Discussion
  • Technical + HR Round

Online Round / JAM :

  • Students who pass the online round are invited to participate in the Group Discussion / Just a Minute Round.
  • This round assesses your ability to communicate and present. Deloitte frequently gives a case study based on a technical issue that an organization is experiencing.
  • You’d have 5 minutes to read it and then another 15 minutes to discuss it. You may also be asked to prepare charts in groups at times.
  • Deloitte moderators may also ask you questions about your answer. Instead of a group discussion, they may give you a minute to present your thoughts.

Technical + HR Round:

  • This round is for students who have passed the online stage.
  • They could also do these rounds alone. You should be familiar with operating systems, computer networks, and databases in order to solve technical issues.
  • During the interview, students will be requested to write codes. In this round, you may be asked to solve riddles.