What is the process of campus placement for an MBA in Deloitte versus that in Accenture?

• Your career path at Deloitte will be determined by where you are employed.
• As an MBA, you’ll most likely begin your career as a senior consultant and stay for two to three years. Following that, you’ll have the option of moving into a management role for three to six years, followed by a senior manager job for four to six years.
• When it comes to growing your career at Deloitte, the firm cherishes its employees and provides ample on-the-job training and a variety of learning opportunities to help them succeed.
• Accenture places a strong emphasis on employee learning and development.
• They’ve put forth a lot of effort to create a collaborative, continuous, and productive workplace.
• They do this by utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide a rich learning environment in over 90 networked classrooms.
• You can also be matched with a project-agnostic counselor to assist you in achieving your goals.