What is the process of Campus placement for AMAZON?

Amazon has 5-6 rounds to pick freshers for SDE (SDE-1) positions in their company. The following rounds will be held:

Round of written work.

  • Written round has of two sections - Aptitude / Logical Test and technical test.

Online Coding Competition.

  • This phase is conducted entirely online, with applicants being presented with three to four code tasks of intermediate level, primarily involving arrays, strings, and matrices.
    To pass this round, you must have a solid grasp of these data structures.

Hiring Manager interview.

  • This is usually the most technical round, with questions from your past projects, the technology you utilized, design challenges, DS/Algo problems, and tricky puzzle-like questions.

HR Interview.

  • HR inquiries may include:
    Where do you see yourself in future years?
    What are your advantages and disadvantages?
    Technical inquiries about topics like OOPs can also be asked.