What is the necessity of sustainability in operations management?

  • The procedures of a company’s product or service from logistics to marketing till it is supplied to the customer can be analyzed in the domain of operations planning.

  • There are several forces that drive businesses to be long-term in their plans. While some of these pressures stem from corporate financial concerns, others are motivated by a feeling of social duty that is thought to be essential in the construction of institutional identity.

  • While it is evident that when firms are treated from an economic standpoint, there are numerous variables that compel corporations to be sustainable, these businesses are ultimately commercial enterprises, and profit is the fundamental goal of all businesses.

  • Expectations of the social context have largely supplanted financial expectations in recent years. In truth, financial expectations have not been completely abandoned; enterprises that safeguard social, environmental, and social values follow responsible and responsible procedures, but competition has intensified in the new order.