What is the most popular start-up hiring in Deep Learning Engineering?

Top Deep Learning start-ups to watch in 2021 are as follows:

Augury - A real-time monitoring & combining company
Alation - A well-known company in the financial services industry for being the first to market with a data catalog.
Algorithmia - An expert in Deep learning operations
Avora - A company is known for its augmented analytics platform
Boast.ai - Helps companies recover their R&D costs
ClosedLoop.ai - They’ve built one of the first data science platforms in the healthcare business, which helps patients have a better experience.
Cognito AI - They have specialized in research-led A.I. with deep expertise in self-learning.
Data and - provides a software framework for machine learning development that is flexible.
DataVisor - Using A.I. to improve fraud detection accuracy
Exceed.ai - Their AI-powered sales assistant technology conveys the context of leads automatically, allowing sales and marketing teams to scale lead engagement and qualifying efforts accordingly.
Furthermore, there are companies like Indico, JAXJOX, LeadGenius, Netra, Particle, Resurface Labs, RideVision, Savvy, SECURITI.ai, SkyHive, Stravito, Uniphore, Vertia.ai, V7, Zest.ai