What is the Kaizen Template in Operations Management?

Kaizen is a general idea of continuous improvement that aims to reduce waste, inefficiency, and enhance quality and productivity incrementally. At the corporate, team, and individual levels, it can be found in a variety of process improvement strategies.
Kaizen focuses on the following:

  1. Eliminating unnecessary movement
  2. Minimizing time wastage by optimizing processes
  3. Removing any defects in the quality of work
  4. Avoiding over-work and over-processing in the process
    Kaizen has a long list of advantages, including increased efficiency, quality, productivity, employee and customer happiness, cost savings, and inventory reduction. One of the keys to its success will be maintaining the improvements made and not reverting to outdated methods of operation. Employees also take the onus of the processes and the kaizen template also ensures continuous improvement in the production process. Hence, it fosters both individual and organizational goals and which makes the team within the organization more efficient and collaborative.