What is the interview procedure for the equity research/Junior analyst role internship at JP Morgan?

The following interaction is of the Shyam Kedia. You can read his exchange at the link -
Shyam Kedia - Interview

Mr. Kedia had submitted his CV for the Chartered accountant industrial training internship at JP Morgan.

He got a call regarding his interview schedule from the Global research center , JP Morgan Mumbai, after 15-20 days of CV submission.

The HR had confirmed his application and candidature and informed him that he would be receiving a call, and his interview will be a telephonic interview.

He got a call at a scheduled time, and the interviewer was male. The interviewer was calm and started with an inquiry regarding the academic background of Mr. Kedia.

During the brief conversation, Mr. Kedia mentioned his passion for finance .

The interviewer held this as a point and started asking questions regarding the field that are as follows -

  1. How can we value a company ?
  2. Explain various valuation methods .

Mr. Kedia also mentioned his father’s portfolio and his interest in the stock market. Based on this fact, the interviewer asked a few questions related the same as follows-

  1. Which stock do you follow, and give me a tip?
  2. Where the stock market is heading and why?

The interview took place for approximately 45 minutes.

In the end, the interviewer asked whether there were some questions Mr.Kedia had?