What is the interview experience of LTI like?

Following is the interview experience of a candidate who had appeared for the L&T Campus placement drive.


B.Tech (Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee): 8 CGPA


Around 300 students registered for L&T Infotech’s on-campus internship program, and 140 were selected for an online test based on CG criteria and résumé.

Online Aptitude Test

Basic English, MCQs based on pseudo-codes, and two coding problems were included in the test. There were 26 questions in the English part, with a mix of grammar, word definitions, and paragraph-based problems.

The MCQs were not challenging because they mainly depended on the student’s basic knowledge and ability to create simple logic.

The final section consisted of two coding questions that primarily evaluated the students’ logic-building abilities while keeping the boundary instances in mind.

Following the test, an HR round interview was scheduled.

HR Interview

It began with a brief introduction from both parties, followed by simple inquiries such as “tell me about yourself,” “family background,” and so on.

They questioned what I learned during the lockdown and my daily schedule after I answered basic inquiries.

They then attempted to gain insight into my reactions to numerous challenging scenarios that anyone in the IT sector might encounter.

Finally, they inquired about the desired internship site from the offered options.

Verdict: Selected