What is the interview experience at Wipro Technologies?

Round 1 (Online Test): Basic math, English, reasoning, essay writing, and two coding questions are included in this round.

The difficulty of the questions ranges from easy to moderate.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): After passing round 1, you will receive an email from the Wipro Hiring Team asking you to fill out a form in order to be considered for the technical interview.

They will schedule your interview after you submit the form, which will most likely be in 10–12 working days.

My interview was a 15-minute technical interview conducted through Webex Meet.

The interviewer asked the following questions:

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.
  2. Have you completed your eighth-semester exams?
  3. Have you received your outcome?
  4. What are your present academic standings?
  5. Backlogs of any kind?
  6. Any education gap?
  7. What languages are you familiar with?
  8. In each of the three coding languages, rate yourself.
  9. So he asked, if I give you a dilemma, what will be the first language that comes to mind when you think of your logic?
  10. Which language do I like to speak and why?
  11. Please describe your B.tech project to me.
  12. Was it a collaborative effort? What part did you play in it?
  13. What obstacles did you have to overcome?
  14. What other technologies are you familiar with?
  15. What are your advantages?
  16. What makes you so special that we should hire you?
  17. So, where do you come from?
  18. Are you all ready to relocate?