What is the Infosys interview procedure for a systems engineer?

The questions asked in an Infosys interview are simply based on the applicant’s resume.

Eligibility requirements: There should be no backlogs in the past or present and the CGPA of 7 or above

1st round: General aptitude and English, online MCQ assessment, comparatively easy to pass if you have a basic knowledge of time management since they have a cut-off score of around 60–70%.

2nd round: If you qualify for the first round, you would be invited to a face-to-face technical interview. And if you’re not from a computer science background, questions will be focused on your mark sheets and cv, as well as your experience with your department, or any project.

3rd round: An HR representative will ask you a few basic questions about yourself. There would be no pay negotiations or location preferences. Because the remuneration for new Infosys employees is fixed.