What is the impact of social media on marketing?

What is the impact of social media on marketing ?

The way social networks have impacted our personal and professional lives is far greater than most of us could have anticipated.

  • By using social media, companies now can create strategies after they analyze the analytics to understand the target consumer’s demands and likes/dislikes.
  • Companies have started to give preference to the buyer’s participation in their online marketing.
  • The growth of social signals: Your search engine optimization endeavor can be boosted to a large extent by social signals. Remember that the more people talk about your brand on social media, like, follow and recommend your brand page to others, the more chances of your web page to rising up in search ranking.
  • Promoting company branding and consciousness: Social media users can always keep the memory of your brand alive in the minds of a vast number of people by sharing your page on their walls. This in the turn will create awareness about your product, which eventually will convert into more followers/customers.
  • Do not underestimate word of mouth advertising: People tend to believe familiar people more than descriptions or reviews of your goods on your webpage. If you keep your current customers satisfied and happy, ultimately they will be the one who will promote your brand to their friends and acquaintances.
  • Geo targeting helps you to reach a specific audience depending on their location. If you would like to send a post to people speaking French in Canada, then this is an effective tool for you.
  • On social media sites, you receive instant feedback. Create a platform here where customers can file complaints and talk about their grievances if they have any while using your product. The reviews provided by customers are of immense help too as they motivate you to perform better and make quality products. This is much more practical and convenient than getting calls from dissatisfied customers.