What is the Group Discussion round in IIFT?

Group Discussion -

  • Candidates will be divided into groups and given a topic to write about/speak on.

  • Since the entire process shifted to the online mode due to the pandemic, institutes preferred a discussion over a write-up as it would be difficult to assess the latter through a screen.

  • For the Group Discussion, the group has to make sure that they retain their individuality while simultaneously showcasing their ability to work in a group.

  • The communication skills of the candidate will be assessed in a group discussion along with how they approach the topic.

Candidates should be up to date on current events and be knowledgeable of all business-related developments to be able to contribute meaningfully to the discussion and make an impact through their opinions on various issues.

The moderator will look for people who are opportunists while still maintaining the decorum of the discussion and respectfully agreeing or disagreeing with the point of view of other candidates.