What is the future of Java developers?

Website Development

  • Java’s future in traditional web programming appears gloomy. The chosen architecture in 2019 is SPA framework+Mobile app and backend REST services.
  • With the emergence of the Microservices architecture, the immediate backend to which the web application interacts no longer need the frills and flourishes associated with Java (Spring Boot/Jersey, for example).
  • As a result, designers and architects are employing non-blocking IO languages/frameworks that are lightweight, such as node.js+express.


  • As a result of Oracle’s lawsuit against Google, Android is making a strategic shift toward Kotlin.

Analytics and Big Data

  • Python and R are currently the de facto languages for Big Data and Analytics. Python is fairly simple to learn and has historically been used for big data by researchers and academics.

  • Abd R is designed primarily for data analytics.