What is the future of data science?

The future of data science is extremely bright and prospering with multiple researches indicating a continuous rise in job opportunities in the field of data science; as well as business organizations increasingly progressive towards investing more and more in improving their data infrastructure and fostering data science implementations.

LinkedIn job trends show that the job market in the data science would increase by 6.5 times in the upcoming five years. Also, there is a shortage of talented employees in this field leading to multiple job vacancies not been taken advantage of. So, data science is a perfect field to build a career in.

Data Science is itself the future. There will be no field left untouched by Data Science. In the present digitized world, we either attempt a lot of exercises on the web or depend on devices to make our life hassle free. At the point when our tasks get fully accomplished, we leave no stone unturned to praise technology. Notwithstanding, we for the most part neglect to hail the incredible science that gets this going which is Data Science. Remember when you say Hi to Siri or Alexa and they reply, their response is all due to data science. Also, when you open your Facebook Feed you get to see ads which appear because the platform is utilizing your data analytics based on your interest, passion and likes.

Search engines are not the only application of data science, the spectrum of entire digital marketing depends on this. The digital banners of websites, billboards, Whatsapp web, biometric locks, motion gaming, price comparison websites, airline route planning, delivery logistics, fraud and risk detection.

Data science is diverse with multiple applications, which means more job possibilities are coming up. Employment portals such as LinkedIn have undertaken surveys and assessments on high-demand positions. Data scientist jobs are also among the top three over the next decade on this list.

Here are a few fields where data science is projected to take over:

  • Defence - Atomization of weapons and atomized solutions to trace an attack from the very beginning.

  • Finance - Identifying appropriate investment opportunities and avoiding fraudulent actions related to the emergence of crypto currencies.

  • Automobile - Automated public transportation, data science applications in self-driving automobile configuration.

  • Healthcare - Early disease detection and identification of organ availability all around the world.

Data science applications in the above-mentioned disciplines have begun to emerge in this period. The tendency is likely to persist and even accelerate in the future.

So learning data science is one of the most reasonable and beneficial decisions you can make right now.

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