What is the future of data analysis?

The future of data analysts is extremely positive; and at the same time, it is very competitive as well. Owing to the highly positive sentiments and prospects, there are lots of students and aspirants seeking a rewarding career in the field of data analysis. So, the future of data analysis is safe and promising – however, candidates need to strive hard to understand the key concepts and have the patience to execute them to succeed in this field.

From a demand perspective as well, the prospects are high as businesses are increasingly investing in data analysis.

In my opinion, the entire Future of IT & its services will be based on the findings of the data Analytics; You cannot keep inventing the technology which has no relevance to the demands and needs of humanity;

I would say that this area is under exploited by everyone currently; so there is a huge opportunity for any one to get into the fray and bring-out successful outcomes.

Many business entities want to have this, but do not know on “HOW & WHERE”; this is where the expertise can speak louder.