What is the future of artificial intelligence?

Based on our history of technology research and development I see AI making noticeable impact and progress in following areas:

  1. Military: pays very well so we will see new weapons, autonomous weapons, new materials and defense systems.
  2. Medicine: AI will be used to develop new medicines, prosthetics.
  3. Enterprises: AI will be seen in everything where large volumes of data processing, speed & accuracy of decisions required and lower cost is possible.
  4. Governance: profiling and controlling citizen, law enforcement, surveillance, censorship etc.

As we move forward with AI, its integration into robots we will see many other applications.

Artificial Intelligence has gone from being a figment of fiction to reality in a matter of years. Machines that could think like humans were an excellent plot for a thrilling storyline. However, in recent times, it has transitioned from fiction to reality- we are living that Artificial Intelligence future. People are using AI technologies in their everyday lives, and somehow it has become an integral part of their daily rituals. From asking Alexa/Siri to tell you the time to get them to plan your next grocery delivery, you are carrying AI into your daily routine.

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence, however, is not as smooth and straightforward as it sounds. Let’s take you through the transitional journey of how AI was realised to be integrated into our daily lives.
Artificial Intelligence is vital for the future and growth of society. However, before we look at the impact of AI on humanity, let’s look at how it benefits you and why Artificial Intelligence is vital for businesses.

  1. Automation Everywhere: Whether you are an operating business or an individual, automation in mundane processes can help. From building your grocery list to checking on your inventory, AI can help you increase speed and agility. As a result, you will observe greater productivity and better management owing to advances in AI.
  2. Impressive Experiences: As a business owner, you are always worried about how your customers react to your business. You want to offer them luxury and better services. When you incorporate AI, you are also enabling your business to automate interactions. You don’t invest in resources, and your AI bot is always available. This will lead to better engagement and growth.
  3. Better Healthcare: In a world where people are fighting for basic healthcare needs, AI will ease accessibility and improved awareness. Past data combined with medical advancements can help forecast better and enable faster cure. It also helps with continuous monitoring and immediate help, which you need at this point. Maintaining records and transfer of care has become hassle-free with this technology.
  4. Problem Solving: AI comes with problem-solving capabilities, which means you won’t be stuck for long. The intelligence combines methods and past data to build algorithms that can detect frauds, identify cybercrimes, reduce transaction risks, create better experiences and keep multichannel exposures seamless.

Overall with AI, you can expect reduced risks and better management. You will notice greater efficiency as a result of this technology.