What is the future of AI in India?

India is one of the emerging nations that has begun distributing spending plans for carrying out Artificial Intelligence projects. India is set to involve noteworthy innovations for better efficiency and acquire income in the close by future. Silicon Valley has also understood the capability of India’s computerized impression and have begun creating branches here. Educational institutions have begun offering a Bachelor’s or alternately Master’s certificate in Artificial Intelligence and AI courses to prepare understudies for growing more AI models and robots for the country. There are advancements towards specialized frameworks in likely regions to draw in R&D groups for various tasks. There are approaches of AI-based new businesses for various ventures EdTech, Agtech, etc.

India is taking drives to defeat the obstructions and continuously push ahead to be in the AI race. India has as of now been named as the eighth country in the best ten list by AI patent families on a worldwide level. The Government of India sent off a public approach on Artificial Intelligence known as National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #AIforAll in June 2018. It referenced that India will zero in on AI models and R&D on medical care, farming, schooling, metropolitan or savvy city, and transportation. The Government of India declared that US$477 million would be expected for Digital India for additional developments and R&D on Artificial Intelligence and the consummation of the MCA 21 undertaking with Rs.357.81 crore.