What is the full road map to become a data analyst?

The following answer is given by a candidate who had learned the relevant skills and tools for becoming a data analyst, and it is his point of view.

It isn’t easy to become a data analyst, but it isn’t impossible. A data analyst can be anyone who enjoys working with numbers and has the patience to see a project through from beginning to end.

However, if you are persistent enough and follow the following steps, you will become a data analyst:

Understand the data

Learn about data and get fascinated and inspired by its numerous applications. Read a book about data, such as Everybody Lies or Freakonomics. It’s usually a good idea to get some inspiration before starting your data adventure.

Learn essential tools and skills

I strongly advise you to begin with a spreadsheet-based program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Learn the fundamental operations and functions, then experiment with dummy data (or accurate data if you have a good, clean dataset available).

Practice and Practice

Take on a project to practice. Nothing overly extravagant. Look for a fun data project to work on and see it through from beginning to end. You may experiment with a variety of beginner datasets on Kaggle. This is also an excellent time to experiment with more advanced technologies like SQL, Python, and R.