What is the format of B-school MBA preparations

Three components underpin MBA campus placements.

  • Aptitude
  • Group Discussions
  • Interview

Let’s ignore some of the company’s unexpected rounds for the time being in the interview.

The first step is to determine which of your pillars is weak and to begin working on it. If your aptitude is weak, the greatest thing you can do is practise a lot from YouTube videos and try to solve as much as you can from various books.

For any MBA aspirant, the key trick to cracking GD/PI is divided into three pillars.

  1. Current Affairs.
  2. Self - Awareness.
  3. Domain Knowledge.

Current Events: You should be aware of what is going on in your community, both nationally and internationally. Preparing a sheet with the acronym PESTEL, either online or offline, is the best practise (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal) Make a note of the news in these columns so that you can review it before going to GD/PI. Make it a point to form your own thoughts on current events, such as Corporate Governance in India and abroad, which you can only do if you read a lot of independent columns.

Self-Awareness: This accounts for 60% of your PI; how well do you know yourself? The best approach to crack this is to spend time on yourself and your growth; attempt to figure out what you like and are excellent at; this can only happen if you spend time alone and talk to yourself.

Domain Knowledge: Having sound domain knowledge is like having a gun in a knife fight; make sure you understand all of the basic concepts from your graduation courses; they will help you a lot. If you have work experience, it will be even more important to explain your work in the company.

It’s usually a good idea to come prepared to an interview with the following questions:

  • Tell me about yourself (elevator’s pitch)
  • Why should we hire you ? Swot analysis where linking your strengths with company’s profile.
  • Long objectives and visions like 5-10 year
  • How well has your education prepared you for the job ?
  • Conflict with the boss behavioral question ?
  • If hired what contributions can you bring ?
  • Work experience / no. Work experience ?

In addition, everytime you go in for an interview, perform thorough research on the organisation using the parameters provided.

  • History
  • Size of Company
  • No. Of Employees
  • Sister Company
  • How Long They Have Been Present
  • Basic Services List
  • Why Do You Want to Join That Particular Industry/ Company?
  • Are You Ready to Handle Respective Challenge?
  • Can You Work Under Pressure (One Situation Where You Almost Failed Or Failed)?
  • Time Management
  • How Objective Are You About Yourself
  • Cross selling – Upselling etc