What is the difference between the interview process of Deloitte and Accenture?

• Deloitte is a formidable competitor. It’s a bigger consulting firm than McKinsey and BCG, so getting a foot in the door can be challenging. The interview procedure is in place to screen out people who aren’t a good fit. It’s usually a two-round interview with a good balance of behavioral and case interviews.
• Typically, you’ll have to conduct one or two 30-45 minute behavioral interviews and one or two 30-45 minute case interviews during your first round. You’ll engage in a group case interview with four to six other candidates in the second round of interviews. Following that, you’ll have 30 to 45 minutes to prepare.
• Accenture’s Potentia Interview uses a case interview method, in which you’ll be asked tough questions in order to show yourself in the best light possible. Typically, two to three rounds of interviews with Accenture Consultants, Managers, and Managing Directors are required (partners). You’ll encounter increasingly senior people as you move through the rounds. Each interview should last one hour and include a mix of fit and behavioral questions.