What is the Difference Between TCP and UDP with table?

Feature TCP UDP
Connection status Requires an established connection to transmit data (connection should be closed once transmission is complete) Connectionless protocol with no requirements for opening, maintaining, or terminating a connection
Data sequencing Able to sequence Unable to sequence
Guaranteed delivery Can guarantee delivery of data to the destination router Cannot guarantee delivery of data to the destination
Retransmission of data Retransmission of lost packets is possible No retransmission of lost packets
Error checking Extensive error checking and acknowledgment of data Basic error checking mechanism using checksums
Method of transfer Data is read as a byte stream; messages are transmitted to segment boundaries UDP packets with defined boundaries; sent individually and checked for integrity on arrival
Speed Slower than UDP Faster than TCP
Broadcasting Does not support Broadcasting Does support Broadcasting
Optimal use Used by HTTPS, HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP, etc Video conferencing, streaming, DNS, VoIP, etc