What is the difference between JasperReports Server Community Edition and JasperReports Server Professional?

JasperSoft’s free, open source reporting and analysis server, JasperReports Server Community Edition, is built on the JasperReports Library, Mondrian, JPivot, and Spring frameworks. It is released under the GPLv2 licence. Based on JasperReports Server Community Edition, JasperReports Server Professional Edition is a commercially licenced reporting and analysis server. It is “viewable” source - the code is included in the Professional Edition, but it is not free. The Professional Edition adds the following features to the Community Edition:

  • Interactive web based “ad hoc” report development and data exploration (AJAX) against any data source.

  • End user query through the browser, based on “data domains” which include data level security. A web based domain designer is provided. JDBC only at this stage.

  • In-memory data access and calculation engine to support ad hoc. Includes server management like query governing.

  • Dashboards made up of multiple reports, images and external web content can be designed through the browser (AJAX).

  • User profile based data level security for OLAP analysis, beyond simple roles.

  • Performance tuning and management tools.

  • Multi-tenant enabled to support “business intelligence as a service” for SaaS vendors and organizations that share JasperReports Server across customers or departments.

  • Complete translations of the JasperReports Server user interface and documentation for English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese (Chinese coming soon)

  • Out of the box support to allow JasperReports Server to run in a large variety of application servers and databases for the repository. JasperReports Server Community Edition and Professional Edition can connect to a wide variety of databases for reporting and analysis through JDBC.