What is the difference between Dashboards and Reports of PowerBI?

Difference between Dashboards and Reports

Dashboard and reports both terms are used interchangeably, but they are not synonymous. The below table compares the dashboard with the reports, such as:

Capabilities Dashboards Reports
Pages It has only one page. It can have one or more pages.
Data Sources It has one or more reports and datasets per dashboard. It has only a single dataset per report.
Pinning It can pin existing visualizations only from the current dashboard to your other dashboards. It can pin visualizations to any of the dashboards. And also can pin entire report pages to any of the dashboards.
Filtering It can’t filter or slice. It has many different ways to filter, highlight, and slice.
Feature It can set one dashboard as the featured dashboard. It cannot create a feature report.
Set alerts No Yes, it can set alerts.
Subscribe We can’t subscribe to a dashboard. We can subscribe to report pages.
Available in Power BI desktop No Yes, it can create and view reports in desktop.
Change visualization type No, if a report owner changes the visualization type in the report, the pinned visualization on the dashboard does not update. Yes, it can change the visualization type.