What is the difference between an ‘App ID’ and a ‘Bundle ID’? What is each used for?

An App ID is a two-part string that is used to identify one or more apps developed by the same team. The string is made up of two search strings: Team ID and Bundle ID, separated by a period (.).

The Team ID is provided by Apple and is unique to a single development team, but the Bundle ID is provided by the developer and may be used to match the Bundle ID of a single app or a group of applications.

Because most users conceive of the App ID as a string, they confuse it with the Bundle ID. We can only utilise the App ID prefix that matches the Bundle ID of the application bundle once the App ID has been generated in the Member Center.

Each app is identified by its Bundle ID. In Xcode, it is specified. A single Xcode project can have numerous targets, resulting in many applications being produced. A software with both lite/free and pro/full versions, or branded in different ways, is a typical use case.