What is the difference between AI,ML,and DS?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the concept wherein machines and systems are enabled to work like human beings using multiple self-learning algorithms such as decision trees, what-if analysis etc.

Machine learning is the most famous method of implementing Artificial intelligence concept which works on the principle of teaching machines to learn from data & experience. The business logic for machine learning systems are typically not coded; rather they self-initiate processes based on previous experience.
Data Science is a more specific field of study which deals in usage of scientific & statistical methods to derive valuable insights. Machine learning is an important subset of data science which deals in supervised machines by equipping them to self-learn from data patterns and trends.

Artificial Intelligence: Property of computer systems to better predict output for a given input by studying and learning from multiple inputs and outputs in the world.

Machine Learning: A class of algorithms that exhibits artificial intelligence.

Data Science: The study of behavior of computer systems and their dealings with large amounts of data, including the study of data-driven artificial intelligence.

Data science field involves domain’s like statistics, big data, data mining and data warehousing. The person who analyse the data and predict the upcoming results based on that data is known as data scientist. On the other hand machine learning is the sub-domain of Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is divided into two types in which the ability to give machines the power to think and the other one to do regular tasks which is known as machine learning. We can also say that machine learning is a real life application of artificial intelligence.