What is the difference between AI and ML?

There is a general misconception that AI and ML are basically the same things but below points explain the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence
• Artificial Intelligence is human intelligence demonstrated by Machines to perform simple to complex tasks.
• The aim of AI is to increase chances of success and not Accuracy.
• It works as computer program which soes smart work
• AI is decision making absed and it will go for finding the optimal solution for a given problem.
• AI leads to intelligence or wisdom

Machine Learning

• It provides the machine to learn and implement things without explicitly programming it.
• The aim is to increase accuracy without caring for success or failure.
• It is a rather simple concept which takes data and learns from the data.
• ML allows system to learn new things from data and it will go for a solution of the problem.
• ML leads to knowledge.