What is the difference between AI and machine learning?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a capacious term that includes machine learning, but also other areas of computing where robots, computers and machines can do almost anything. Right now, it is often said that machine learning can be considered a part of AI – but at the same time, it is instead the main component of current artificial intelligence systems. Machine learning is the product of AI evolution throughout the years.

So artificial intelligence is the whole concept, an idea that a machine can be similar to the human brain. With technology, it can be able to identify context, do analytical and creative thinking and understand abstracts that, for a long time, only people could perceive.

Current research is conducting experiments with different types of AI; one of their goals is to find out if machines can develop some kind of self-awareness. Creating human-like robots that understand who they are and what they can do could remarkably change the world we live in. They would help with medical procedures, all kinds of big data analysis, scientific tests and much more. Will that happen anytime soon? Time will tell.

As for machine learning, you already know how it works and you can learn more from the rest of this article. Just remember, that machine learning is a part of all artificial intelligence studies.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are linked to two branches of computer science.
These two technologies are currently the most popular for developing intelligent systems.

Although AI and machine learning are related technologies, they are used interchangeably in some circumstances.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines that can operate and react in the same way that humans do.

Machine learning refers to the ability of machines to learn without being explicitly programmed.
It enables a system to learn and develop as a result of its experiences automatically.

Artificial Intelligence looks to be an endless combination of human intelligence with modern machines.
When it comes to Machine Learning, a subset of AI, you can begin by working on small data sets for initial task screening and adoption.