What is the difference between a service and manufacturing operations?

Manufacturing Operations:

  1. Manufacturing operations refer to the process of bringing together man, machine, and material to create a physical product. It oversees all aspects of the supply chain, including gathering client needs, sourcing raw materials, assigning resources, scheduling manufacturing, monitoring inventories, and delivering finished goods to customers.

  2. Process and discrete manufacturing are the two types of manufacturing operations. Process manufacturing is a production process that follows a set of stages or a formula to generate things. Individually finished objects that are unique from one another are the focus of discrete production.

Service Operations:

  1. Services are non-physical, intangible goods that are exchanged for money by one party to another. Customer happiness is the goal of service operations. A large number of people are employed in service activities including professional service teams, customer support teams, and customer experience teams.

  2. Manufacturing operations are concerned with manufacturing things and keeping them in a warehouse before delivering them to clients, whereas service-providing operations are concerned with allowing simultaneous production and consumption of services.