What is the DevOps Engineering scope in India?

DevOps engineer collaborates with IT developers & streamline, automate the integration and deployment processes, allowing for greater coordination across the many IT-related roles.

The DevOps industry is expected to reach $12.85 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research.

As corporations around the world strive for digital transformation, cloud technology and agile frameworks have become progressively popular, necessitating improved skills among IT teams in order to increase operational efficiency.

As a result, many IT businesses are hiring DevOps engineers.

One can work as a DevOps leader, Code Release Manager, Automation Architect, question & answer, Software Developer/Tester, or Security Engineer.

While employers frequently want experienced developers who are interested in DevOps and have the abilities listed above, training and certifications may always improve a candidate’s knowledge and confidence as a DevOps Engineer.

Many reputable colleges offer specialized DevOps and other IT-related programs in new technologies for computer science students.