What is the demand of Python Developers in India?

Python’s Scope: Python is a programming language with a wide range of applications

Python is a multiprogramming language that has all of the characteristics of modern programming languages like C and C++. It continues to improve as a more efficient language for developing apps.

Python can run a variety of programmes
Data Science, AI, and a chosen language for a machine language
It comes with a plethora of multiples and tools.
It encourages widespread community support.
Python programming requires only a few lines of code. Pythonista Pay Scale:

Python programmers earn a lot of money in a variety of jobs. Without any threads, it is the fastest-growing language. To achieve a high success rate, large companies hire python developers for their projects.

7-12 lakhs per annum for a software engineer
15-25 lakhs per year for a developer engineer
30-70 lakhs per year for a data scientist