What is the demand for Cyber Security roles in India?

• Cyber-attacks targeting persons and organizations have increased significantly as a result of the covid-19 lockout, resulting in a growing demand for expert cyber security professionals.
• The amount of money spent on cybersecurity in IT is projected to rise as well.
• Companies aim to develop a more secure environment to guard against data breaches against the backdrop of the lockdown and an increase in the labor force continuing to work from home.
• Millennials are particularly interested in cybersecurity professions, with Gen Z exhibiting the most enthusiasm.
• The majority of job searchers in the cybersecurity field were between the ages of 25 and 29.
• Previous research has found that millennials are interested in working in cybersecurity.
• According to a recent estimate, the Indian cybersecurity services market is predicted to rise from $4.3 billion in fiscal 2019-20 to $7.6 billion in fiscal 2022.
As is visible, the demand for Cyber Security looks promising and ever-evolving in a developing country like India.