What is the coolest application of Blockchain technology?

  1. A completely decentralized internet, where ISPs aren’t need anymore. This is what Skycoin does with Skywire. They will soon provide their custom built 1Gbps antennas for $100, which have a range of 10 miles and provide high speed internet to 7,000 people and with their mesh network on top probably 20,000 people. You only need 2,000 antennas per European country to cover the whole continent and the data is stored on Skyminers.

  2. Decentralized Storage. This is directly competing with Google Drive and Dropbox.

  3. A near infinitely scalable and near infinitely decentralized payment processor. This will replace all banks, ALL banks. IOTA, Skycoin and Nano are that, it only needs to be seen which one can get to adoption the quickest.

  4. Security Identification, so that you don’t show your passport when traveling anymore, because security identification is now all handled by the block chain (Civic, THEKEY).