What is the career progression of a Java Developer?

In your initial years — Your responsibilities will include coding, debugging, coding review after testing, and maybe technical documentation.

After five years, if you are extremely good at engaging with clients and taking on managerial tasks, you will most likely become a team leader. If you work for the same organization, your chances are better because the senior executives above you will recognise your potential and advance you accordingly.

A career in Java programming can grow to much more than just code. Programmers should think about these choices that go beyond the scope of software development.

Someone with a creative streak may pursue a career in graphic design. Individualistic and autonomous people frequently seek more business endeavors. Highly social developers who interact well with others might find significant fulfilment in careers such as software advocates and other public relations fields. Technical writing and IT journalism are some other profitable careers into which a software developer can easily shift and never have to write another line of code.