What is the career progression in companies in TCS?

The career progression for a fresher joining the company right out of college as a trainee may look something like this. The employees joining through the lateral process do not join as trainees. But the general progression path for freshers is as follows:

The candidate starts out as an Assistant Systems engineer/Trainee after which he gets promoted to Assistant systems engineer after completion of training. From there, he gets promoted to IT Analyst, then to an assistant consultant. An assistant consultant is promoted to an associate consultant who then gets promoted to a Consultant. A consultant after an experience of 3-4 years is promoted to a Senior Consultant. A senior consultant is then promoted to a Principal Consultant based on years of experience who next lands up as a Vice President. A Vice President is promoted to a Senior Vice President who is then promoted to the top management of the company as a CEO/CXO/CTO etc.