What is the campus placement process of the oracle?

Oracle is a multinational computer technology business based in Redwood City, California. The company focuses on developing and distributing computer hardware systems and enterprise software solutions, primarily database management systems under its trademarks.

Many students want to start their careers with this company due to their diverse work opportunities all around the world. However, one has to go through the placement process of the company.

The Following is the campus placement process of the company:

Written Test

The written test consists of 4 sections: Aptitude, Contextual communication, General Computer language, and Coding. The first three sections each consist of 20 questions with varying time limits, while the coding section consists of two questions with no time limit. The aptitude section consists of LRDI and Quant topics. The Communication section is similar to the VARC section of the CAT examination.

Technical Interview

In this round, you will be asked questions on certain technical subjects.

Questions may be based on knowledge of the company’s technical activities, understanding of the technical work required to be completed or done as part of the job asked for, or asking candidates to solve genuine technical challenges they would confront if hired.

HR Interview

This interview is the final step in selecting a candidate for employment because it helps determine an applicant’s personality.

Questions might range from your introduction to your qualifications, experience, courses completed, strengths and weaknesses, pay expectations, friends and family, etc.