What is the best way to learn Excel for data analysis?

Microsoft Excel though being the most fundamental and basic tool for data analysis, is used extensively primarily due to its flexibility & ease of usage. Students can learn Excel from variety of online sources such as the Microsoft Online Community, Excel Central, Excel Hero, Mr. Excel and so on. More importantly, users can simply browse the help centre in the Excel window to learn more about each of the formulae and functionalities used in Excel.

You can learn Excel for data analysis through practice only. There are many Data analysis tool available in market. But still excel hold strong position for data analysis.

Microsoft Excel is one of the popular and oldest data analysis tools used in the industries. It helps you create reports and dashboards using various charts and graphs.

Below are the steps that you need to take to learn Data Analysis with Excel:

Learn the important Excel functions that are used for data analysis (sumif/s, counif/s, vlookup, xlookup, iferror, etc.)

Learn advanced sorting and filtering techniques.

Understand how to use Goal Seek and Solver in Excel.

Understand how to create Pivot tables and pivot charts for data analysis.