What is the best way to go about preparing for CAT


The best way to prepare for the CAT is to first take a practice test. Mock tests aid in the analysis of key areas where one excels and areas where one needs to improve. It is heavily influenced by the individual’s background. In the case of an engineer, for example, it has been observed that they are very comfortable attempting quantitative questions. Similarly, literature students do well in the verbal ability and reading comprehension sections. These mocks provide an estimated percentile in the real CAT. This aids in directing energy to areas that require attention. These also aid in the tracking of progress. If your percentile score isn’t improving, it’s time to start working on the fundamentals. It is recommended to increase the reading speed in VA-RC. Usually, that’s the deciding factor. Articles from various fields, such as health, psychology, and literature, should be read. To perform well in DI LR, one must be able to identify the appropriate question set, which improves with practice.

CAT happens to be one of the most competitive examinations in India, and the soul of the competitive nature of it comes from the very fact that it uses basic concepts of English Comprehension, Mathematics and Logical Reasoning, in a time bound manner to assign the percentile between the test takers. Being master of one single field won’t do but having a decent coverage of all the areas with necessary time management just might find you the interview with your dream college.

While people who have had decent practice in English Comprehension, Mathematics and Logical Reasoning are encouraged to go for a practice test or a mock test to assess their preparation level for the exam, it is widely suggested that the beginners should begin with clearing the basic concepts of the field first. There are ample books available in the market to help you with that, with many Coaching Institutes and portals also releasing booklets for the same. After further practice and introducing time -bound exercises, the candidates should take a full paper practice test to assess their preparations when faced with a mock paper. This should be repeated till the day of the examination to boost the confidence and keep them in touch with the concepts.
Meanwhile, the candidates should be aware of all the happenings in the field of business, government policy and international relations, along with the knowledge of their own fields of interests and the current trends there. This will be aiding them for further processes after the CAT examination.