What is the best data engineering course for working professional in india?

Professionals specializing in data play an essential role in tech and non-tech firms.

Every industry is employing its expertise to promote business growth and increase income because they understand data science, mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

Many firms across all industries are hiring data engineers to manage, construct, and maintain data infrastructures to make data more accessible to business analysts and data scientists. Several data engineering courses are available to assist professionals in acquiring the most up-to-date abilities.

The top 10 data engineering courses in India are given below.

  • Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Big Data Analytics
  • Tech in Data Science and Engineering
  • Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering
  • IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate
  • Data Engineer with Python Career Track
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Data Engineering and Cloud Computing
  • Data Engineer Nanodegree Program
  • Microsoft Azure for Data Engineering
  • Cloud Data Engineering
  • Professional Certificate in Data Engineering Fundamentals