What is the best back end developer course for a working professional?

Back End Development is just not programming. It is little more than that. A course that covers the following should be taken up to learn Back End Development as a working professional:

  1. A thorough understanding of Oops and S. O.L. I. D. is required, as these principles are used more frequently in the backend.

  2. Database fundamentals must be understood; SQL and NoSQL are both becoming increasingly crucial these days.

  3. A programming language such as java, for example. Frameworks such as Spring are also useful and helpful.

  4. In this growing stateless server, the ReST architecture is critical.

  5. Techniques used in IPC.

  6. Caching systems such as Redis or Memcached.

  7. Enterprise application design patterns number eight.

  8. Knowledge of Web-based applications.

  9. Cloud technologies

If you are someone who is already working as a front-end developer, most of the above skills will be already known to you and hence make the learning journey easier.