What is the average salary of a software engineer?

According to Indeed, the typical Software Engineer’s income is around $108,000 per year in basic compensation plus an average $4,000 bonus pay.

Of course, salaries for Software Engineer positions will vary depending on criteria such as location, years of knowledge, and the size of the organization, among others.

Even an entry-level software engineering position for a candidate with less than two years of experience would pay a six-figure base salary plus bonus money, according to Indeed’s data.

A tech professional with a few years of experience can qualify for Senior Software Engineer positions, which pay the most on average. A Senior Software Engineer’s average compensation is $129,000, which includes a $5,000 base salary and a $5,000 bonus.

Of course, monetary pay isn’t the only way Software Engineers are compensated; with organizations and companies competing for top software engineering genius talent and demand continuing strong, most IT professions also include excellent benefits packages.