What is the admission process for IMT Ghaziabad?

IMT Ghaziabad is a premier B-School with having a legacy of 40 years. It is also known as the “Marketing Mecca” of B-Schools for its focus and expertise in marketing field research.

The candidates have to apply for the IMT common admission process by filling an online application. The admissions of IMT Nagpur and IMT Hyderabad also take along with the admission process of IMT Ghaziabad.

After filling the online application, which consists of a pitch video for “Why should IMT invite you for their programs?” candidates are shortlisted supported their overall profile, including academic profile, Exam scores, and work experience.

The shortlisted candidates then go through the admission process, including a Critical thinking test and personal interview round.

Based on the above stages and the overall profile of the candidates, B-School rollout admission letters to the candidates who score well.

The candidates are selected for exceptional profile, exceptional work experience, and high test scores.