What is starting salary of a fresher at infosys?

Infosys is India’s one of the leading multinational IT firms, and many fresher engineers want to start their careers with the company.

If someone is looking for learnings, then salary is secondary. However, compensation is also an essential part of the whole experience for a few people. We are here to talk about the compensation structure of Infosys for the freshers.

The compensation structure might be different for different entry-level roles, but we are talking about systems engineers. We will be talking about the salary in two parts: during training and after training.

During Training

They will pay roughly 19500 for training, which will last 91 working days (almost four months). This does not include your Training Performance Incentive (TPI).

There are also deductions like room rent, professional tax, Infosys welfare fund, gratuity, etc. After all deductions, the salary during training is roughly 13500.

TPI is rewarded following successful completion of training and is calculated as a percentage of the total score.

  • if your score is more excellent than 91 percent, 2935
  • If you get a score of more than 80%, you will get 1957.
  • If your score is more excellent than 70%, you will receive a 978.

TPI is computed by multiplying the training time in months by the quantity mentioned above. When you move to the production unit, this sum is included in your first salary.

After Training

Your pay after training will be about 23551, excluding TPI and deductions.

The deduction would be minimal because you will not be residing in the ECC/HOSTEL supplied by Infosys after training.

Only professional taxes, welfare payments, PF, gratuities, and other expenses will be deducted.