What is Spring? Describe the Spring Framework

Spring is an open-source Enterprise Java programming framework. The Spring Framework’s fundamental capabilities may be used to create any Java programme, however, there are enhancements for constructing web applications on top of the Java EE platform. By providing a POJO-based programming model, Spring Framework aims to make Java EE development easier to use and promote good programming practices.

The Spring Framework is a programming and configuration framework for contemporary Java-based corporate applications that may run on any platform. Spring’s infrastructure support at the application level is a major feature: it concentrates on the ‘plumbing’ of corporate applications so that teams may focus on the application-level business logic rather than having to worry about specific deployment settings.

Spring Framework also a normal j2ee application ,it provides abstraction layer on normal j2ee applications…

“Spring Never Replaces J2EE, Rather Spring Compliments J2EE”

your code talks to spring classes internally spring classes talks to j2ee classes…

Note: Without j2EE no Spring Framework

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