What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Hi, Guys Hope you all are doing well so for today our topic here is what is SMM i.e social media marketing as we discuss social media optimization in the previous topic so let us know the marketing term for it. Many of us think that both the terms are similar but honestly, guys it’s not both have a different concept, and most importantly both have different importance for their respective activities. So let’s get started with our topic -

As we do our optimization means creating a presence on social media platforms now it is time for us to promote it on the respective platforms. In optimization, we saw that what we do is on organic reach and its non-paid, but SMM is on the paid side here one will have to spend a particular amount to get more and more reach.

  1. Mostly Paid campaigns on social media - Not every campaign does not have to be the paid one in SMM we also concentrate on the organic part. SMM also count how we provide/ present our content on the platforms, how we are distributing the contents, and how we are maintaining the content calendar, etc this all activities are also counted in SMM but most of you need more reach and traffic for your brand ( website, apps, stores, etc ) and that’s the reason we choose paid campaigns

  2. Running ADS - When we talk about paid campaigns the first thing we do is run ads for our brand to get more and more traffic i.e Facebook/ Insta ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads. where one can choose their placement, audience, location, demography, and more as per our brand requirement.

  3. Content Understanding is very much important - Because we run paid campaigns we should know about the trends and which content will be suitable such kind of understanding and observations are very much important when you practice SMM

  4. Content Calendar is required when you do SMM - Its a plan about the posting and proper scheduling of your content

  5. Advertising Skills is required when you do SMM - A person should have good knowledge of advertising the products, i.e how to optimize the campaigns, how the bidding/ costing works, which platforms will be better to promote, etc

  6. Campaigns are created according to their Objectives - Now it’s not important every time that the objectives will be the same for SMM every campaign that is created are on a particular objective eg if I need traffic on my website I will choose website traffic as my objective.

  7. Power of retargeting can be utilized using SMM - We use retargeting campaigns to target those audiences who have accidentally visited our website or particular site so that we also want them to check out our social media platforms and make some activities over there.

So guys this was about what is SMM and how you guys can practically practice it for your brand or profile hope you all guys love this topic and will keep on learning and practicing it let see you all on my next topic.

Thanks and Regards - Rohit. J.Lotlikar