What is Security Architecture?

“Security Architecture” happens to be a subset of the overall IT Architecture of an organization solely dedicated towards addressing the possible threats that may attack the overall system. It provides with the framework of connection between various layers and departments put in place to detect and respond to any attack on the system.

The security architecture is driven mainly by the aspects of risk management, legal and regulatory frameworks, financial status and aspects and the work ethics. Its setup can be classified broadly as follows:

Planning of the overall blueprint and risk assessment:

Based on the requirements and status of the company, assigning importance and priorities to each and integral part of the system, keeping mind the response time needed to sort any attack on them, their importance for the whole process and the variety of risks that keep them vulnerable.


The security setup is put into motion and controlled. The policy and standards are followed and ensured for better implementation during runtime.

Monitoring during operations:

This comprises of keeping in touch with the daily threat and risk management, to add various mechanism to the layers of security.