What is role of system engineer in Infosys?

Following is the experience of an ex-employee of the company who worked as a system engineer. We will get feedback from his point of view.

Systems engineers are responsible for a wide range of tasks. It may pique one’s interest to learn more about what a systems engineer performs.

They set up and maintain the computer system for the specific business, following the company’s policies and procedures (Standards Operating Procedure).

  • In Infosys, a system engineer’s job is to help the company expand by taking on a customer project and working from 9 to 5. Most of the new joiners either sit on the bench doing nothing. Even if they are allocated a project, there is not much job to do for them.

  • Apart from a few people who get good projects, I believe that infy managers and HRs should at least inquire about the candidate’s preference on what they want to work on.

Project workers are typically involved in maintenance and support.

  • For example, when I worked for a US customer, my job entailed nothing more than filling excel sheets and running scripts that had previously been written; I probably did it for a year, and believe me, gazing at walls is better than this.